Benefits of the All Alaska Gasline Project

Billions of Dollars in Royalties, Severance and other revenues to State and all Alaska Municipalities under current tax regime, plus:

70,000+ Jobs during construction of Gasline – All in Alaska/US
5,000+ Post-construction jobs including those in high paying value-added industry

Alaska’s Advantage Exporting LNG to the Asian Market

  • 35 tcf of gas found on the North Slope during the oil exploration process, hundreds of tcf of additional gas on the North Slope and offshore  of Alaska as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Very high btu content gas in close proximity to the Asian market
  • Export from Alaska’s furthest north deep water ice free port capable of handling the world’s largest LNG tankers

Special Commitments

The Port Authority is a “Benefit Driven Project”, our highest priority is to bring maximum benefit to Alaska with the gas pipeline. In addition to providing the potential for billions of dollars in new revenues to the State and Municipalities, the Port Authority project also brings direct benefits to Alaskans in the following ways:

Known Gas Supply

It begins at the North Slope where currently 8.4 billion cubic feet of gas is reinjected into the field each day. There is sufficient gas for the Project today without additional exploration and development.

Known Route

The gasline route is parallel to the existing Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) route from the North Slope to Valdez. This route previously received three Federal Environmental Impact Studies (two by TAPS owners for the oil pipeline, one by Yukon Pacific Corporation for gas pipeline).

Affordable Energy and Clean Air for Alaskans

With a large diameter gasline for LNG exports from Valdez to the premium, world markets, Alaska benefits by new revenue from gas sales and truly affordable energy. Our large diameter gasline has a very positive economy of scale, and that provides Alaskans with the most affordable natural gas. A homeowner who buys 2,000 gallons of fuel oil per winter, at a current price of $3.00 per gallon, will pay about $5,000 less to keep warm with natural gas from the All Alaska Gasline. Electricity bills will also decrease significantly as electrical utilities like GVEA and CVEA have affordable natural gas to spin their turbines.

Puts More Oil into TAPS

Without question, the best way to ensure more oil goes into TAPS is with having a gasline. This will significantly increase drilling activity for oil on the North Slope since now, with a gasline, there is not the risk of finding gas without any way to get it to market.

All Alaska Gasline Provides Affordable Gas for the Air Force and Army

Our pipeline route parallels the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline and makes affordable gas available to Eielson AFB, Fort Wainwright, and Fort Greely, three critically important Alaska military bases.

Spur Line to Southcentral

Through the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority’s work on a spur line from Glennallen to the south central gas grid in Palmer, gas from this Project would be able to flow to the Mat Su Valley, Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula through the existing gas grid.

Revenues to Alaska’s Treasury

With the high volume of gas in this project it is projected to bring billions of dollars each year into the state coffers through royalties, severance and corporate income taxes resulting from this Project to help offset the declining revenues from the annual reduced flow of oil through TAPS.

Project Control and Benefits Remain in Alaska

Alaska would have complete control over all aspects of this Project. Alaskans would benefit from lower energy prices and the long term post-construction jobs for generations to come.

Statewide Support

The All Alaska Gasline Project has received approval/support  from former governors Bill Egan, Jay Hammond and Wally Hickel as well as the late U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. Additionally, this Project has received constant high poll ratings, voter mandated endorsements, as well as the support of the Alaska Municipal League’s passage of Resolutions of support.

Gas for Alaskans

The most important part of our mission is to make sure Alaskans benefit from the development of our natural gas resources. Our focus is to guarantee maximum availability of gas to Alaskan communities whether through additional spur lines, propane or compressed gas shipments to villages via a river system or other methods currently being studied by us and other organizations such as the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority.

Cleaner, More Affordable Energy

Most Alaskan communities rely on burning diesel to generate electricity and heat their homes, the high cost of which is crippling many villages’ ability to survive. The Port Authority project can provide cleaner burning natural gas for Alaskans at prices that do not react to increases in oil market prices elsewhere.

Value Added Industry

The availability of natural gas liquids (NGLs) for in state use means tremendous opportunity for the creation of additional petrochemical industries throughout Alaska.

Highest Number of in State Jobs

The State and Labor Organizations have already begun preparing Alaskans with the skills necessary to build the gasline. With the entire pipeline and liquefaction facilities of the Port Authority’s project located in Alaska, all the jobs associated with construction and operation are in-state and will provide employment opportunities for which several generations of Alaskans will be eligible.